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Health Psychology Links by Subtopic

    This page is generously sponsored by the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Listed below are links related to health psychology, including professional societies, public health organizations, research journals, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.

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General Resources

Specific Topics:

  Health Communication
  Health Policy Research
  Health and Medical Decision Making
  Wellness and Health Promotion
  Well-Being and Life Satisfaction
  Stress and Stress Management
  Mind-Body Medicine and Meditation


  Health Psychology and Public Health Journals
  Behavioral Medicine Journals
  Prevention Science Journals

  Health Psychology Societies
  Behavioral Medicine Organizations
  National Public Health Groups
  International Public Health Groups
  U.S. National Institutes of Health (Psychology-Related)
  Other U.S. Government Units
  Other Health Organizations

Miscellaneous Resources

General Resources

Specific Topics
Health Communication:

Health Policy Research:

Health and Medical Decision Making:

Wellness and Health Promotion:

Well-Being and Life Satisfaction:

Stress and Stress Reduction:

Mind-Body Medicine and Meditation:

Health Psychology and Public Health Journals:

Behavioral Medicine Journals:

Prevention Science Journals:


Health Psychology Societies:

Behavioral Medicine Organizations:

National Public Health Groups:

International Public Health Groups:

U.S. National Institutes of Health (Psychology-Related):

Other U.S. Government Units:

Other Health Organizations:

Miscellaneous Resources

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